• $2,660.00

Come home and rest however you feel like with this massive sectional sofa. Longue on the chaise, or put your feet up on the huge padded ottoman. You’ll be comfy and cozy no matter where you sit. The plush cushioning on the fitted back pillows offers plenty of support, and the foam seat ensures you can binge-watch to your heart’s content. The inclusion of throw pillows makes it easy to decorate, just pick which side you think fits your home better and you’re set. So get yourself something you know you’ll use every day

STYLE Contemporary
MATERIAL Chenille, Solid Wood, Others*
FEATURES U-Shaped Design, Track Arms, T-Cushion, Modular Design, Fitted
Back Pillows

U-Sectional w/ Left Chaise CM6587-SEC 146 1/2"L X 115 1/2"W X 35 1/2"H
U-Sectional w/ Right Chaise CM6587-R 146 1/2"L X 115 1/2"W X 27-37"H
L-Sectional w/ Right Chaise CM6587-SEC-L 115 1/4"L X 68"W X 27-37"H
L-Sectional w/ Left Chaise CM6587-SEC-R 115 1/4"L X 68"W X 27-37"H
Large L-Sectional w/ Right Chaise CM6587-SEC-LL 148 1/4"L X 68"W X 27-37"H
Large L-Sectional w/ Left Chaise CM6587-SEC-LL-R 148 1/4"L X 68"W X 27-37"H
Ottoman CM6587-OT 43"L X 43"W X 21"H