• $619.00

This recliner feels and comfortable as it looks. Everything is
padded, the back cushions are over stuffed, the arms look like
they have pillows attached to them and the leg rests offer a cushy
lift. With the simple pull of a lever you’ll be in complete relaxation
and can easily be taking a nap before you know it. The chocolaty
fabric-like leatherette offers a soft to the touch texture and
breathability to help keep you from overheating.

STYLE Transitional
MATERIAL Fabric-like Leatherette, Wood, Others*
FEATURES Recliners, Tufted Back, Console w/ Cupholder,
Cushioned Side Arms, Contoured Seats

SOFA [CM6595-SF] 90 1/4”L X 40-64 1/2”W X 32-41”H
LOVE SEAT [CM6595-LV] 79 1/2”L X 40-64 1/2”W X 32-41”H
RECLINER [CM6595-CH] 44”L X 40-64 1/2”W X 32-41”H *SOFA, LOVE SEAT AND RECLINER (SEAT HT: 20 1/2”, SEAT DP: 23 1/2”)

Pull Lever Recline

Fold Down Console